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Olvera Safe Harbour Insolvency

Safe Harbour

Olvera works with organisations to successfully navigate through situations of distress

providing directors with important ‘safe harbour’ support that enables clear conversations with creditors and the presentation of restructuring plans that work.

The role of our safe harbour advisor is to provide expert advice and counsel to the board and to provide comfort that restructure will provide a better outcome. Typically, the advisor is appointed during periods of change, such as restructures, divestments, acquisitions and refinancing processes.

Our restructuring plans are supported by our SICS™ programme:

  • Details the company’s current financial situation, setting out the base case;
  • Outlines the desired future state of the company and the step by step programme to achieve the future state;
  • Determines the proposed course of action, including measures for the ongoing assessment of the plan; and
  • Forecasts a successful implementation of the intended course of action against an external administration scenario.

Remember, to give yourself the best chance of relying on the protection in a situation of corporate distress it is important to act as soon as possible.

For now, insolvent trading provisions have been suspended during the global pandemic. From 31 December 2020, directors who are still working through the impacts of the pandemic will need to develop business strategies that leverage the safe harbour protections.
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