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If  your business is struggling to keep up with change — whether financial, operational or economic — then it may be time to pause, assess and reset.

Olvera work with organisations to successfully navigate change. We assist to define the options, provide the space to understand impacts, and maximise an outcome that is tailored to your business and specific to its needs.

Our Services

  • Restructuring
  • Exit planning
  • Safe Harbour
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Olvera’s advisory team assists organisations through all phases of the deal lifecycle including acquisitions, recapitalisation, and divesting.

We provide expert transaction support and risk mitigation to M&A transaction and use our experience in complex and distressed issues to assist in ensuring deals and transactions are planned and executed without disruption or undue effort.

Our Services

  • Transaction support
  • Deed advocacy
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Olvera have created a suite of advisory services that assists organisations gain deeper insight into their business, allowing them to quarantine and minimise risk.

Our Services

  • External CFO advisory
  • Strategy
  • Business interruption support
  • Counterparty financial assessments
  • Working capital management
  • Asset protect
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Olvera works with organisations to create an environment for entrepreneurial activity to thrive and is committed to encouraging innovation, while reducing the stigma of failure.

Our Services

  • Safe Harbour
  • Expert reports
  • Formal appointments
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Our Clients

We partner with SME, Small Caps ASX entities and family groups where the management and ownership interests are closely intertwined.

We specialise in:

  • Medium to large family businesses where family members are involved in management
  • Small Caps ASX entities with significant controlling shareholders that are also involved in management
  • Family offices with diversified investment portfolios which involve corporate or family guarantees

We pride ourselves on our confidentiality – our family offices services cross years and generations. Our clients bring us in early before the issues become acute because they trust us. Our fixed fee structures are designed to align with this pre-planning and early intervention.

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The Olly Difference



We recognise that change can be highly emotional. We take the time to understand everyone’s needs, to create options and solutions that work.



We understand that the success of your business is personal to you. We know that there can be tensions between what is good for you and what might be better for the business and that these may not the same. We help you to get the balance right.



We are your advocate partnering with you every step of the way. Helping you define the real issues and executing the agreed solution.



Our renumeration structure is linked to milestones & outcomes – not to hours.

Liquidation will always be our last option.

How we transform businesses

Olvera SICS™ programme

The SICS™ Guide was designed by Olvera Advisors to be used in any form of transformation or restructuring assignments. This process is able to create a more financially beneficial environment that increases a businesses value and supports sustainable operational change.

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