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On the 7 June 2017, Damien Mark Hodgkinson of DEM Australasia was appointed as Voluntary Administrator to PMR Criterion Pty Limited ACN 609 328 976, pursuant to Section 436A of the Corporations Act 2001 (‘the Act’).

Notice to Shareholders

Shareholders will be advised by separate notice of their options in respect to the company and the potential for a deed of company arrangement or sale which may create some value for shareholders..

First meeting of creditors

The purpose of the First Meeting of Creditors is to confirm the appointment of the Administrator or to consider an alternate appointee, and if appropriate appoint a committee of creditors

The First Meeting of Creditors will be held on: 11:00am on 19 June 2017, at 148 John Street, Singleton NSW 2330.

Second meeting of creditors

Unless an extension of the convening period is sort the Second Meeting of Creditors will be held on: 11:00am on 12 July 2017, at 148 John Street, Singleton NSW 2330

Further Information

Please find below a copy of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (‘ASIC’) insolvency information sheet for directors, employees, creditors and shareholders. For an explanation of terms used in this sheet, please see ASIC’s ‘Insolvency: a glossary of terms’. For additional information, refer to the ASIC website at

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