What support is available if I have been made redundant?

In order to provide additional support for those staff whose positions have been made redundant, we have arranged for assistance from Retailworld NZ. Retailworld NZ is a highly regarded retail recruitment company in New Zealand, with offices across the country to support our staff. Please contact Retailworld, as they will assist you with updating your […]

Do I still have a job?

Everyone’s employment will continue as usual while we assess the business over the next few days.  You will report to your usual supervisor at either the stores or warehouse. We will update you as soon as possible regarding next steps.

Will I be paid?

You will be paid your wages as usual into your usual bank account and on the same day as usual.

Can I take annual leave during the administration?

If you have booked annual leave, or want to take annual leave the process will remain the same and will need to be approved by your supervisor. If you take annual leave during the administration this will be paid in your normal payroll.

Will I be paid over Easter for Public Holidays?

If you are full time or part time staff and entitled to be paid public holidays under the Holidays Act and your employment agreement, then you will be paid for Easter public holidays as usual.

As an employee do I get paid first? (preferential amount)

There is a statutory priority for certain employee entitlements up to $25,480 which includes unpaid wages and holiday pay which is paid in priority to other creditors. If you are owed more than $25,480 or are owed amounts which do not fall within your preferential claimthen those amounts are an unsecured claim and rank equally […]

Will I have a job after the review?

There are a number of parts of the business that are unprofitable which will need to change.As a result, some roles will be disestablished.  We are currently undertaking an assessment and we will keep you updated on that process.

Will the business be sold?

The shareholders do not propose to sell the business, they intend to put up a proposal to restructure the business. The details of that proposal have not been provided as yet. Once we have assessed the proposal and the business we will make a final decision and communicate that to you as soon as possible.

What if I am made redundant?

If as a result of our review your position is made redundant you will be entitled to notice andpotentially redundancy compensation as set out in your employment agreement. Any redundancy compensation owing to you will be included in the calculation of the preferential amount of $25,480. Any payment in lieu of noticeowing to you does […]