Receivership of “Salt” Development at Kingscliff

The appointment was by the Pacific Alliance Group (Hong Kong) who had the top secured debt. Pacific Alliance Group appointed an agent in Australia called in the Winton Group which managed large parts of the Receivership. The Receivership involved devising realisation strategies or the remaining uncompleted land development stages. As the receiver, we successfully engaged […]

Hedley Construction

The Queensland portfolio counted 35 hotels, 102 retail liquor outlets, and sites for a further 17 botteshops, significantly boosting Coles’ expansion. Tom Hedley went on to form Hedley Leisure and Gaming later renamed Redcape Property Group (RPG), and operational entity Hedz, which worked 12 of Redcape’s assets. Hedley Construction was a group of development entities […]

Wija Civic Plaza

Wija leased vacant land site in Chatswood that had a 99-year term. The Development Application on the land stipulated that it was to construct a 10 storey mixed residential/commercial complex within a specified timeframe. Unfortunately, Wija did not commence the project within the time frame and consequently a breach notice was issued by the respective […]