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Investors, Creditors and Stakeholders Declaration

Access to information about the administration (or Deed Administration or Liquidation) of the Company contained on this website and any links (thereto) is limited to investors and creditors of (and any professional advisor’s of those creditors) of the company. By downloading or viewing any of this information, you are declaring the following:

“I declare that I am an investor or creditor (or a professional advisor of such a creditor) of the Company and I agree not to communicate any information contained on this website (and any links thereto) to  any person other than another investor or creditor of the Company without the express written consent of Olvera Advisors or unless otherwise compelled by law. Further, I indemnify Olvera Advisors in respect of any liability to which they are exposed in the event that this declaration is false and as a consequence of that falsity.

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