Corporate Insolvencies Reach Highest Levels in a Decade: Our Outlook for 2024

The number of corporate insolvencies has spiked to a monthly high since 2015 as more companies file for voluntary administration.   Latest data from ASIC shows that 967 companies filed for insolvency in February 2024, recording a 40% jump in insolvency cases since February 2023. This is the highest number of insolvencies since October 2015, as […]

Armaguard and the Future of Cash in Australia 

Armaguard and Australia’s cash future remains uncertain as the cash transit business grapples with staying afloat.     The monopoly owned by billionaire businessman Lindsay Fox has requested industry support at a meeting in October 2023. In the meeting initiated by Reserve Bank governor Michele Bullock, Armaguard told bank representatives, the RBA, and treasury officials that it […]

Number of New House Builds Drops: Effects on the Construction Industry  

The rising cost of materials and mortgages has impacted the building of new homes, causing a decrease in new home construction.   According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the seasonally adjusted estimate for approved dwellings fell by 9.5% in December 2023 after a 0.3% rise in November.  Looking at the approvals for total dwelling […]

BHP’s Nickel West Possible Closure: Possible Impacts on Mining Businesses

Western Australia’s mining giant BHP announced on Thursday that it plans to shut down its Nickel West operations, possibly affecting thousands of jobs in the industry.  Citing the rising cost of nickel due to inflation and current market conditions, BHP said it was writing down its assets in Western Australia by around $5.4 billion.   BHP […]

Forging New Frontiers: Olvera Advisors Leads the Way in Restructuring and Insolvency

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We have an amazing announcement to make that puts Olvera Advisors at the forefront of Australia’s restructuring and insolvency industry. We are thrilled to share this occasion with you, as we redefine the landscape and set the bar even higher for Australia’s insolvency and restructuring sector. Since our establishment in 2020, Olvera Advisors has grown […]

Olvera’s 5 tips to building business resilience

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How to build Resilience in Businesses? Building Resilience enables businesses to better deal with unexpected challenging situations. At Olvera, we are passionate about setting clients up to be the best they can be and making sure business challenges are no more than a bump in the road to success. So here are 5 things we tell […]

Kate Barnet named chair of ARITA’S Balance Taskforce Committee

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Working towards a more inclusive & diverse profession When presenting his presidential agenda in the June 2019 edition of the Journal, Scott Atkins stated that diversity was one of his three priorities. ‘Our cultural homogeneity is misaligned with current trends and future projections; increasing our cultural diversity will open up new and vibrant business opportunities […]