When Should My Business Consider Voluntary Administration?

Aussie companies are navigating an uncertain economic landscape, with challenges such as dwindling consumer spending, rising supply costs, and strong labour shortages. To adapt to these market conditions, company directors are confronted with an option for mitigating their debt – Voluntary Administration. While undergoing voluntary administration may seem challenging, it offers a structured mechanism for […]

Navigating 588GA Safe Harbour Provisions Law With Olvera Advisors

In an ever-evolving environment, it’s crucial for businesses and those who advise them to be adept in turnaround strategies. The COVID-19 pandemic, coupled with its subsequent high inflationary environment, has posed a significant threat to companies who wish to trade profitably, and many still feel the effects today.   Staying ahead of corporate protection laws in […]

Resolving board room challenges and the issues of Independence & governance

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Major Shareholder Control At the outset I will indicate my bias in favor of controlling shareholders, in my view, their interests are aligned with the long term objectives of the company, the issue is how that control is managed to maximize those benefits.  Families and founders are the constants of business. They create new ideas […]

Exploring The Benefits Of Diversity In Restructuring This International Women’s Day

Navigating a restructuring can be an uncertain time, but the most successful organisations use it as an opportunity to improve on diversity. Why? We have found that organisations that embrace diversity and inclusion have a more open culture that is receptive to change, innovation and improved ideas. A key component of a successful restructure is […]

Retail spending and interest rates: What lies ahead for retailers?  

Rising interest rates and the effect of sticky inflation driving price rises together with a slowing in the labour market have had a significant impact on household disposable income. Household disposable income is a key driver for the retail sector and consequently these factors are negatively affecting demand in the sector.   Evidence is backing this […]

Insolvency & Restructuring in the Consumer Services Industry in 2024

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Introduction The consumer services industry is a quintessential pillar of the Australian economy, embodying a vast swath of sectors from retail and hospitality to tourism, collectively contributing over 20% to the nation’s GDP and providing livelihoods to over 1.2 million individuals. However, the shifting economic sands and evolving consumer behaviors have beckoned clouds of uncertainty, […]

Lettuce, labour and leases

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lettuce Over the past few months, lettuce prices have been skyrocketing, with social media users posting pictures and memes of iceberg lettuces ranging from $10 to $12, well above the usual price of $2.80. This is not new, and it not only lettuce. According to ABS, price rises were seen across all food and non-food […]

Why you should care about active diversity in the boardroom

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Active Diversity If the most recent Federal election has taught us anything, it is that the make up of our Corporate Boardrooms falls far short of the level of gender diversity that our community now demands and the argument that these women do not exist has been proven wrong by the intelligent and charismatic group […]

Establishing agility and resilience in the disrupted fashion and textile industry

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Australia’s fashion and textile industry Contrary to widespread popular belief Australia’s fashion and textile industry is much more than high-end designer fashion, encompassing a complex ecosystem of design, textile, manufacturing, retailing and education activities. Unlike many other sectors, the fashion and textile industry is more vulnerable to uncertainties due to its inventory intensive nature, small […]