Insolvency & Restructuring in the Consumer Services Industry in 2024

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Introduction The consumer services industry is a quintessential pillar of the Australian economy, embodying a vast swath of sectors from retail and hospitality to tourism, collectively contributing over 20% to the nation’s GDP and providing livelihoods to over 1.2 million individuals. However, the shifting economic sands and evolving consumer behaviors have beckoned clouds of uncertainty, […]

Lettuce, labour and leases

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lettuce Over the past few months, lettuce prices have been skyrocketing, with social media users posting pictures and memes of iceberg lettuces ranging from $10 to $12, well above the usual price of $2.80. This is not new, and it not only lettuce. According to ABS, price rises were seen across all food and non-food […]

Why you should care about active diversity in the boardroom

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Active Diversity If the most recent Federal election has taught us anything, it is that the make up of our Corporate Boardrooms falls far short of the level of gender diversity that our community now demands and the argument that these women do not exist has been proven wrong by the intelligent and charismatic group […]

Establishing agility and resilience in the disrupted fashion and textile industry

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Australia’s fashion and textile industry Contrary to widespread popular belief Australia’s fashion and textile industry is much more than high-end designer fashion, encompassing a complex ecosystem of design, textile, manufacturing, retailing and education activities. Unlike many other sectors, the fashion and textile industry is more vulnerable to uncertainties due to its inventory intensive nature, small […]

Nurturing success through a diverse workforce

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Diversity in the Workplace As organisations grapple with adapting to the post-pandemic world of work, embracing workplace diversity is a key factor in future success.  Diversity and inclusion in Australian workplaces is far from being a new concept. However, in the wake of the pandemic the importance of Diversity & Inclusion has, strikingly, come to the foreground.   That’s because over this period workplace diversity – irrespective […]

‘Decarbonisation’ key for Australian resources sector over long-term

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Decarbonisation Australia’s resources and mining sector must radically reduce its carbon footprint as a critical corporate priority if it wants to secure its long-term future. That’s the message from Olvera Advisors analyst Nirvan Dave that finds urgent action is needed from the heavy-polluting sector which contributes four to seven percent of global Scope 1 and […]

Global Shipping During The Pandemic

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COVID-19 Impact on Global Shipping As millions of companies worldwide continue to grapple with COVID-19 it’s clear that the impact of the virus will continue to be felt for a long time after the acute phase has run its course. Some of the lasting economic effects of the pandemic are visible, while others are less […]

Finding success amongst Covid-19

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Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on businesses The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt Australia’s business environment, with lockdowns and border restrictions affecting thousands of SMEs nationwide in 2021. While the unprecedented disruption is causing significant fallout for some businesses across the economy, it can also present opportunities for astute firms to reset and redirect and also […]

When should I consider voluntary administration over an informal restructure?

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Voluntary Administration Process The Voluntary Administration process is set out in Part 5.3A of the Corporations Act and is a formal mechanism to allow for an insolvent company to be restructured to ensure its survivability, or if it is not possible for the company to continue to exist, this process would allow for a better […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day

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Women’s International Day Theme This years international day theme is “Choose to Challenge”. This theme highlights the importance of challenging biases and inequality, as well as celebrating women’s achievements – something that we at Olly are very passionate about. In honour of international women’s day – or frankly, any time of the year – we […]