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Olvera Advisors: Business Advisory Services

Using the core skills Olvera has developed working with clients in crisis

we have created a program of advisory services that assists our clients gain deeper insight into their business, allowing them to quarantine and minimise risk.

Advisory Services

External CFO Support

Olvera acts as an extension of your team, bringing together the breadth and depth of skillsets and expertise required of a CFO.

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Olvera works with you to develop and action a clear strategic pathway to identify new market and growth opportunities.

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Business Interruption Support

When a business interruption occurs, Olvera can estimate the loss and the impact to the company directly related to the event.

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Counterparty Financial Assessments

We assist NSW Government agencies and statutory corporations in carrying out financial assessments on contractors and/or suppliers tendering for government projects.

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Working Capital Management

Cash is king, Olvera provides insight into your ability to convert profit to cash, collect debtors, and pay suppliers to grow your business.

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Asset Protection

Olvera is one of Australia’s leading specialist advisory firms working for entrepreneurs and business owners to help manage risk to their personal asset holdings.

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