When it comes to business restructuring and performance improvement

Olvera understands that not all problems and therefore not all solutions are the same – there is no one fix.

A turnaround that can focus on increasing the underlying value over the long term, enables the true value of the company to be sustained, reinforced and grown.


The operational performance improvement and therefore the success of any business changes, however, will depend on the stage in its business cycle, or surrounding conditions.

Olvera’s team of advisors work with management and directors through our SICS™ programme to:

  • Provide independent analysis of the current financial performance;
  • Deliver cost out programmes and exit strategies for underperforming assets and operations
  • Re-negotiate onerous contracts with suppliers and stakeholders
  • Identify the mechanisms to drive profit growth and cash flow generation;
  • Build sensitised financial models which forecast and track financial performance; and
  • Create strategies to communicate to lenders and investors that seek to maintain trust
Where necessary we can then assist companies to companies assessing their eligibility to meet Safe Harbour qualification criteria; then guide our client’s Board and management through the Safe Harbour process.