Olvera Business Lending

Lender Services

At Olvera, we understand that timing is everything in assessing lending risk.

We appreciate the critical risk issues relevant to lenders and understand the complexities of that are often at play in the dynamics between business lenders and borrowers.

We work collaboratively with stakeholders because we believe that the best outcomes can be achieved in an environment that promotes empathy, understanding, openness and honesty.


Olvera has worked alongside local and offshore financial institutions for many years. It is because of this rich history in business lending and business financing that we understand lending and financing risks and that key ‘on point’’ information is critical in assessing that risk.

Whether it is Working Capital Management, Performance Management, or exit strategies, Olvera can identify key risk factors and provide practical and real solutions.


It is because of Olvera’s rich commercial industry experience that we have the operational and strategic resources to offer solutions that turns uncertainty to your advantage.

Olvera’s small, senior team have firsthand experience in lending and business financing. Our services range includes:

  • Historical financial analysis
  • Covenant testing and short-term cash campaigns
  • Cashflow forecasting and visibility testing
  • Medium-long term financial forecasts for going concern support
  • Aligning cash KPI’s and management
  • Working capital crisis management
  • Working Capital Management
  • Performance Management
  • Internal Systems Analysis
  • Management Needs Analysis
  • Exit Strategies
  • Debt Refinancing