Olvera Business Crisis Management

Crisis Communications

One of the key issues facing companies in distress

is control of both its internal and external narrative.

In a business crisis, control of the narrative ensures management can maintain trust with customers employees and financial partners.

  • Internal / External Communications Strategies
  • ASIC/ASX disclosure management
  • Government liaison and lobbying

Understanding the audiences that a business needs to reach during an emergency, is one of the first steps in crisis communication.

Different audiences will have different information needs. In a liquidation scenario, shareholder communication needs will be different from creditor communication needs.

The media is a conduit to communicate key messages fast and efficiently.  The media is not your enemy.

The first rule of business crisis management is to communicate. The early hours of any crisis are critical to set the tone for management. A balanced communication strategy protects value while satisfying stakeholder demands for audience information. The public will judge management not by the incident itself — which they recognise is often beyond the control of those individuals — but by their response.