Olvera Safe Harbour

If your business is struggling to keep up with change whether financial, operational or economic, then it may be time to pause and reset.

Businesses are in constant states of change. It is all about understanding and reacting proactively to change.

We work with you to define the options, provide the space to understand the impacts and maximise an outcome that is unique to your business and specific to your needs.

Reset Services


Olvera works with you to plan, implement, and communicate restructuring solutions under our SICS™ programme.

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Safe Harbour

Olvera is your guide to navigating safe harbour to reach agreement with your creditors.

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Asset Protection

Olvera is one of Australia’s leading specialist advisory firms working for entrepreneurs and business owners to help manage risk to their personal asset holdings.

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Insolvency Services

When external insolvency is unavoidable Olvera principals are qualified to act as administrators and liquidators of your company.

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Lender Services

Olvera can provide investigative accountants, debt monitoring and management services to lenders and investors in respect to distressed and stressed borrowers.

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Deed Advocacy

As deed advocates, Olvera works with you to present Deed Proposals, manage creditor support, execution and post Deed accounting and planning.

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Secondary Debt Investment

Olvera works with you to understand your lender group, and know the voting mix and majorities, create relationships with your new lenders, or encourage them to buy the remaining debt and change the rating profile.

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Crisis Communications

Olvera works with you to strengthen your strategies, to re-establish or maintain communication and trust with your key internal and external partners.

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