Olvera Managing Working Capital

Are you finding it hard to manage cash flow to fund your growth and strike the right balance between debt & equity?

Most businesses suffer from a shortage of working capital and a reliance on debt for funding.

We work with you to get that balance right so that when you are ready, you can take your business into the next phase.

Grow Services

Working Capital Management

Cash is king, Olvera provides insight into your ability to convert profit to cash, collect debtors, and pay suppliers to grow your business

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Debt Services

Olvera works with a number of specialist debt advisors who can assist you in sourcing new debt facilities that align with the needs of your business.

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Capital Raising

Olvera’s network of family offices and sophisticated investors can provide strategic equity to assist companies through the restructuring process and into growth.

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Olvera can work with you in the identification of buyers while providing advice on the transaction453 terms and pricing, the deal structuring, and negotiating the final transaction terms.

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Acquiring through a Deed of Company Arrangement
Olvera works with investors and business owners to buy distressed businesses in the most efficient and tax effective way through a deed of company arrangement.

Acquiring a Business through Debt
Olvera works with secondary debt advisors to acquire businesses by buying their bank facilities at a discount and converting that debt into equity.

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