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Olvera Safe Harbour

The one certainty in business is that change is constant.

Often change is the result of external factors such as new competitors or technology, or it can be due to internal factors such as system breakdowns or shortages.

Irrespective of the cause, if  your team is struggling to keep up with change — whether financial, operational or economic — then it may be time to pause, assess and reset.

The key in such circumstances is for organisations is to react constructively to change so that the business challenges of today become part of the road to future success.

At Olvera, we work with organisations to successfully navigate change. We work with your team to define the options, provide the space to understand impacts, and maximise an outcome that is tailored to your business and specific to its needs.

Reset Services


Olvera works with you to plan, implement, and communicate restructuring solutions under our SICS™ programme.

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Exit Planning

An exit from business or segment is a normal part of the corporate life cycle and can come about for many reasons. Olvera works with you to assess, plan and implement your exit strategy.

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Safe Harbour

Olvera is your guide to navigating safe harbour to reach agreement with your creditors.

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