Candy King

About Candy King Candy is the Executive Assistant at Olvera. She is considered the go-to person, being the first point of contact for clients, staff and principals. Candy ensures the smooth operation of Olvera and provides executive support to the principals. Candy has over 5 years experience as an EA and prior to this was […]

Ivana Widjaja

About Ivana Widjaja Ivana joined Olvera in March 2022 as an Analyst. She is driven and motivated and holds qualifications in Commerce, majoring in accounting and international business from the University of New South Wales. Ivana’s experience in accounting roles expands across several industries. Throughout her career, she has developed valuable skills and her areas […]

Cassindra Lim

About Cassindra Lim Cassindra joined Olvera in May 2021 as an Analyst and holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Law from the University of Sydney. She prides herself on her organisational skills and the ability to sift through large amounts of data and condense it into easily digestible information. Cassindra’s areas of interest particularly […]

Nirvan Dave

About Nirvan Dave Nirvan is a qualified CPA with a keen interest in Mining, Resources and Energy sectors. He is currently working as a Senior Analyst at Olvera Advisors. Nirvan develops his experience through various corporate formal and informal insolvency appointments. He has a passion for business analysis from a commercial standpoint and understands the […]

Amanda Burger

About Amanda Burger Amanda is a Chartered Accountant in the financial services sector, with a focus on restructuring and insolvency. Since returning to Australia after a period of practice in London during the GFC, Amanda has continued to focus on providing assistance and outcomes to businesses in distressed scenarios, within the prevailing legislative and regulatory […]

Rui Wang

About Rui Wang Rui holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and a Master of Commerce in Human Resource Management. Rui is currently a Manager at Olvera Advisors and has been with the firm since 2019. Rui’s industry and strategic expertise focuses on various key markets, namely retail, hospitality, and financial services. She has a […]

Mirzan Mansoor

About Mirzan Mansoor Mirzan has in excess of 13 years of experience across restructuring and turnaround, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions and corporate banking in Australia and in Singapore. Mirzan is a Chartered Accountant and Registered Liquidator. He has assisted in the provision of advice to numerous companies, ranging from family-owned businesses to large conglomerates, […]