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Olvera Business Broker

Transaction Support

Buying a Distressed Business

Despite the risks involved, purchasing an entity in distress or through a Deed of Company Arrangement can be a significant bargain.

The potential benefits of acquiring a business in this way are fourfold:
  • A Deed of Company Arrangement does not usually attract stamp duty on asset values and means assets can continue to be carried at the book value.
  • Time costs and risks around achieving an assignment of customer, supplier and landlord contracts is eliminated or limited.
  • To the extent the acquirer continues the same business, accrued tax losses less any debt forgiveness will be available to the purchaser.

Selling a Distressed Business

Olvera understands that when sellers look to realise what may be a lifetime of work, their retirement, or succession they need a trusted advisor to achieve great results.

Here, our advisors can provide initial strategic analysis and vendor due diligence, right through to the successful completion of the transaction in a financial advisory role.

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