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Olvera Safe Harbour

Olvera’s advisory team assists organisations through all phases of the deal lifecycle including acquisitions, recapitalisation, and divesting.

We provide expert transaction support and risk mitigation to M&A transaction and use our experience in complex and distressed issues to assist in ensuring deals and transactions are planned and executed without disruption or undue effort.

Our key M&A support services include:

  • Distressed acquisition/ divestment programs
  • Management buy-outs/management buy-ins
  • Value synergies on merger
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Transaction support for sourcing private equity
  • Demerger project management
  • Buy side due diligence
  • Information memorandum preparation

Mergers & Acquisition Services

Transaction Support

Olvera offers financial due diligence and related services to help you plan, evaluate and manage transactions.

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Deed Advocacy

As deed advocates, Olvera works with you to present Deed Proposals, manage creditor support, execution and post Deed accounting and planning.

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