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Olvera Business Crisis Management

Expert Reports

Olvera are very experienced in preparing Independent Expert Reports

that may be needed to ensure independent advice on a proposed transaction.

An Independent Expert Report provides investors or shareholders with an impartial and independent view of the financial implications of a proposed transaction. Often it forecasts the financial position of a company once that transaction has concluded.

The role of an Independent Expert is to provide a level of comfort to shareholders and officers to validate the financial position of a company after a or a serious of significant transactions such as acquisitions, demergers, equity or debt restructures.

Expert Solvency Report

An Expert Solvency Report typically provides a comprehensive analysis as to the actual financial position of a company at various historical points of time. An Expert Solvency Report focuses on historical actual data, rather than a forecast financial analysis.

Often this type of report is used in legal proceedings by parties to determine whether a company is solvent and at what date it became solvent.

An Expert Solvency Report can be useful in the following situations:

  • Liquidators pursuing insolvent trading claims against directors of company;
  • Lawyers acting for directors defending claims from liquidators;
  • Lawyers acting for trade indemnity insurers making claims for insolvent trading;
  • Assist in facilitating a commercial settlement;
  • Defending claims by liquidators;
  • Shareholder disputes.
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