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Olvera Business Lending

Exit Planning

An exit from business or segment is a normal part of the corporate life cycle

and can come about for many reasons. In such situations, a key measure of success is how effectively an organisation minimises the impact of the exit on the remaining business.

When it comes to exit planning we focus on three core areas.

1. Assessment

What are the options available?

  • High level modelling of the various alternatives. This includes financial modelling of capital and operational costs the business including time frames to complete.
  • High level risk and operational impacts. These include social and environmental impacts to the business including moral on employees and redeployment.

2. Plan the exit

  • Project planning. This builds the internal and external project team, and establishes an action plan.
  • Implementation framework for execution and assessment.
  • Oversee action plan with feedback to management.

3. Launch and control the exit

  • Monitor project with internal management teams.
  • Manage stakeholders’ engagement both internally and externally.
  • Measure outcomes both financial and non-financial.
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