Why you should care about active diversity in the boardroom

Active Diversity If the most recent Federal election has taught us anything, it is that the make up of our Corporate Boardrooms falls far short of the level of gender diversity that our community now demands and the argument that these women do not exist has been proven wrong by the intelligent and charismatic group […]

The Chair and CEO Relationship

The Chair and CEO relationship

Benefits of CEO-Chair Relationship The CEO-Chair dynamic is one of the biggest challenges that a Board can face. When the dynamic works the company excels, when it fails the negative consequences for shareholders are substantial. In the best case, the CEO manages and the Chair oversees management. When the CEO-chair relationship is strong, the company […]

When Board Confidentiality is Breached

Charles Forerunner

Dealing with Directors This is one of the most difficult issues when dealing with directors, the task of managing board confidentiality, not just during their term but after they have left the Board.   There is no good answer to this, while the Corporations Act makes the breach clear how it is enforced depends on how […]

You don’t know, what you don’t know, but should you know?

you don’t know, what you don’t know, but should you know?

Freedom Foods Centro and now Freedom Foods – the first companies that come to mind in a litany of accounting scandals that happened under the noses of their boards and have taken the corporate scalps of more than a few chairman and sent their companies spiraling into insolvency. In the last few days, Freedom Foods […]

Resolving board room challenges and the issues of Independence & governance

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Major Shareholder Control At the outset I will indicate my bias in favor of controlling shareholders, in my view, their interests are aligned with the long term objectives of the company, the issue is how that control is managed to maximize those benefits.  Families and founders are the constants of business. They create new ideas […]