The Group comprised 42 Companies and numerous unit trust and discretionary trust structures which operated 17 hospitality venues nationally. Keystone had over 1200 staff and creditors claims in the liquidation totalled over $85mill.

The Keystone hospitality venues included bars (Cargo Bar, Bungalow 8, The Rook), restaurants (Jamie Oliver restaurants, Kinsleys Steak Restaurants, Chop House Restaurants)  and licenced venues (Sugar Mill Hotel, Newtown Hotel) located across Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra.

Keystone had borrowed over $70m from an offshore hedge fund syndicate (managed out of Singapore and USA) to fund a group restructure. The lender syndicate took security over all of the property of the company other than the leasehold assets. A significant proportion of the company property (which were leasehold trading entities) was excluded from the security.

The appointment of Administrators was triggered by the Syndicates decision to appoint receivers over the group. Olvera advisors worked collaboratively with the Receivers to stabilise immediate trading and worked together to achieve going concern sales of all but one of the Groups businesses Olvera principals were appointed Administrators and played a key role in facilitating the ongoing trading operations to facilitate going concern sales of the venues. Recoveries from liquidator actions resulting in a dividend to unsecured creditors.