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Olvera Business Restructuring


When it comes to business restructuring and performance improvement

Olvera understands that just as every organisation faces unique problems, so too must solutions be specifically adapted to the needs of individual businesses.

We know that business restructures need to be more than a short-term fix, which is why we’re committed to working with organisations to improve underlying performance and create real solutions that drive long-term value creation.

Olvera’s team of advisors work with management and directors through our SICS™ programme to:

Olvera’s team of advisors address critical underlying performance by working with management and directors through our sics™ programme to deliver:

  • Independent analysis of current financial performance;
  • Transaction support for stressed equity raises;
  • Debt restructuring and support services;
  • Cost-out programs and exit strategies for underperforming assets and operations;
  • Re-negotiation of contracts with suppliers and stakeholders;
  • Mechanisms to drive profit growth and cash flow generation;
  • Sensitised financial models to forecast and track financial performance;
  • Communication strategies to maintain trust with lenders and investors; and
  • Ongoing cash management and reporting
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