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Olvera’s 5 tips to building business resilience

Building Resilience enables businesses to better deal with unexpected challenging situations. At Olvera, we are passionate about setting clients up to be the best they can be and making sure business challenges are no more than a bump in the road to success.

So here are 5 things we tell businesses to build resilience:

  1. Really understand what your business does and what it does well: understanding strengths helps to be positive and then recognising opportunities by focusing on that positivity- leverages your strengths
  2. Rework strategies regularly, business environments are dynamic and a resilient business needs to also be dynamic and adaptable – be fluid
  3. Be diverse in business and in life, it doesn’t have to be completely anti-cyclical but get comfortable and challenge the norm – don’t follow the crowd
  4. Surround yourself with the right people and people that make a positive impact on the business – Don’t invite the flies to the barbie.
  5. Build strong and stainable relationships with stakeholders: look after the people around you now and they are more likely to look out for you when you need it – be empathetic

If uncertainty is the new “normal”, at Olvera, we believe in turning that uncertainty to your advantage.


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